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Bambu double-sided smooth PEI plate - A1 mini

Bambu double-sided smooth PEI plate - A1 mini

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Recommended settings

Please note that additional cutter settings may need to be adjusted based on printed model and filament requirements

Materials The temperature of the heated pad Is a glue stick necessary?
PETG/PETG-CF 60~80℃ Glue Stick/Liquid glue
TPU 35~45℃ Glue Stick/Liquid glue
PVA 45~60℃ Glue Stick/Liquid glue

High printing accuracy in the Z axis

The use of the Smooth PEI Plate contributes to improved Z-axis accuracy during the printing process and ensures greater accuracy and consistency in the vertical dimension. These properties make Smooth PEI Plate an excellent choice for printed parts that require a high level of precision fit, where precise alignment and tight tolerances are critical.

Smooth and matte finish

The use of a specially selected matte PEI sheet can add a smooth and matte texture to the bottom surface of the printed object, improving its overall appearance.

Compatibility with various filaments, especially for PLA

PEI enables printing not only with common materials such as PLA, TPU, PETG and PVA. Note: Use liquid glue or a glue stick to prevent the sheet from tearing if you are printing on a non-PLA filament

Product specifications

Double-sided PEI sheet + spring steel
Surface temperature resistance
Up to 120℃
Thickness of flexible stainless steel sheet
0.4 mm
Double-sided PEI sheet thickness
0.125 mm
Usable print size
180*180 mm
Package size
220*190*15 mm
Package weight
230 g


  • If bubbles appear on the bottom of the sheet, heating on a heated pad at a temperature of at least 80 degrees for several hours may be helpful to remove the bubbles.

  • Dust and grease build-up on the construction board reduces adhesion. To maintain the best adhesion, it is recommended to clean the surface regularly with detergent and water.

  • Do not clean Smooth PEI with acetone as this will damage the PEI surface.

  • Always wait a few minutes for the plate to cool before removing the printed models so that the print can be removed easily. This will prevent damage to the board and ensure a long life of the product.

  • A careful sanding of the surface with fine sandpaper (600 recommended) can help restore adhesion.

  • The Smooth PEI board is considered a consumable part that will degrade over time. The warranty only covers manufacturing defects, not cosmetic damage such as scratches, dents or cracks. Defective sheets on delivery are the only ones covered by the warranty.
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