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3D Jacob Filament

PETG Dark gray

PETG Dark gray

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PETG is another of the most used materials for 3D printing. It is a great choice for printing the mechanics of stressed parts . Compared to PLA, it has a higher temperature resistance , is more flexible and less brittle . Thanks to its low thermal expansion , it holds well on the substrate and does not twist . Print with it is the same as with PLA unlike PLA can replace many better mechanical properties.

Typical use of mechanics stressed parts, holders, waterproof parts, parts for 3d printers

  • Advantages:
  • High heat resistance
  • Easy printing     
  • Small thermal expansion
  • Toughness and strength
  • Simple grinding
  • Almost odorless when printing
  • Glossy and smooth print surface
  • Good layering
  • Recyclability 
  • Disadvantages:
  • Not suitable for printing small parts
  • Stringing option
  • Bridging is problematic
  • Strong adhesion to the mat
  • Cannot be smoothed with acetone like ABS
  • Better support removal
  • Susceptibility to scratching
  • Printing temperature 230 - 255 °C
  • Pad temperature: 75 - 85°C
  • Diameter tolerance: ± 0.03 mm
  • Print speed: 80 mm/s         
  • Coil weight: 1kg
  • Coil weight 120g
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