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3D Jacob Filament

PLA Light green

PLA Light green

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3D Jacob Filament

PLA is the most commonly used material for 3D printing. It is biodegradable, easy to eat and prints from PLA are very hard . The perfect choice for printing large objects thanks to the low expansion temperatures with printing on the substrate does not curl. PLA is suitable for printing detailed small models. It is the only material that is certified for printing 50 micron layers.

  • Possibilities of using the material:
  • for prototypes, small, large prints, toys, figurines
  • jewelry small and detailed models, architectural models


  • Easy printing
  • Detailed printing of small models     
  • Trouble-free printing of large parts
  • Hardness and rigidity
  • Almost odorless when printing
  • The most affordable
  • Wide color spectrum   


  • Fragility
  • Low heat resistance up to 60°C
  • Not suitable for outdoor use

  • Printing temperature 195 - 235 °C
  • Pad temperature: 0 - 65°C
  • Diameter tolerance: ± 0.02 mm
  • Print speed:         80 mm/s
  • Coil weight: 1kg
  • Coil weight 120g
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